SMS-protection: the economical solution for reliable protection

Security of sending SMS is becoming increasingly important when intercepting information risk

SMS-protection - Mobile Application

Security of sending SMS is becoming increasingly important when there is a risk the interception of information. SMS-protection solution solve the problem of security by encrypting messages with altgoritmi advanced and standardized. The application offers:

Messages with AES encryption standard:
- Adopted as a standard encryption algorithm for the U.S. government organization NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
- Considered safe enough to be used to encrypt the information the U.S. government
- Shared Key Encryption
- Each message can be encrypted with another password

Send encrypted SMS:
- The standard editor written in Symbian and Android: offer extra thanks to familiarize and provide access to all the facilities it offers
- There is no limit on message size (limited only by the phone features)
- Message is marked folder "Sent" Crypted name and is saved in encrypted form
- The cost of sending an encrypted SMS is the same as with a normal SMS
- Mobile phone operator can not read encrypted information from the message

Read Encrypted SMS:
- Reading messages in the application is encrypted
- The message is decrypted only after entering the password secret
- After successfully decrypt the message, it is "read" your inbox
- Possibility of reply to an application directly from
- Option to delete the message directly from the application

- Works on any network
- Does not require any additional configuration
- Touchscreen Ready, fast, designed for Symbian OS and Android OS

SMS-protection - desktop Version

coming soon