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SMS protection

Protection of your data sent via text messages can be done by purchasing our software today for a price of only 2 EUR

Security of sending SMS is becoming increasingly important when there is a risk of interception. SMS-protection solution solves the problem of security through advanced encryption algorithms and standardized messages.


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More details Only 2 EUR

Mobile Application

Works on any network
Does not require any additional configuration
Ready touchscreen, fast, designed for Symbian OS
Also available for Android OS

desktop Application

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SMS-protection features

SMS Security to any mobile phone network

Messages Encryption Standard AES encryption algorithm adopted as the standard U.S. government organization NIST, shared key encryption, each message can be encrypted with another password.


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How does it work?

Want to send and receive encrypted SMS? It's very simple:
1. Purchase and download installation kit for your phone and any partner (only cost 2 EUR / for a phone)
2. Transfer and install software that has the extension .SIS on your phone using Nokia pcsuite or OVI suite
After opening the file will be asked to confirm installation, and then the phone will ask you to allow installation of the application. All warning messages to be accepted because the application to be installed on the phone. Finally, a message will appear confirming that your application is successfully installed.

3. The application menu New option creates a new message. The first step is to enter the password that will be encrypted message. This password must be known to the person who could send a message to decrypt it. After entering the password will appear standard interface to send messages. After entering the desired message recipient and select the option to send it sends.

The application menu option to decrypt decrypt an encrypted message. The first step is to enter the password, which was communicated by the sender, and it will decrypt the message. If the password is entered correctly then the message will be displayed, otherwise you will see a warning message.
To read the complete manual click the button below:

User manual

important features

among many others, SMS-PROTECT offers:

Encryption and secure transmission

Messages Encryption Standard AES algorithm for encryption standard adopted by the US government organization NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology Details

Unauthorized access protection

Read messages in the application is encrypted, the message is decrypted only after entering the secret password . Details

Desktop version


Possibilities for advanced options

Works on any network. Ready touchscreen, fast, designed for Symbian OS and Android. Details